10 Simple Affirmations for Depression

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My therapist has always suggested that I turn to positive affirmations (short “I am something floofy” phrases to help when I feel as if I’ve succumbed to my depression and really just can’t go on)

I always brushed her off, I either felt depressed or I felt okay. I struggled for the longest time utilizing the positive coping skills that we spoke about when I was in the middle of an intense depressive episode.

How could I focus on saying “I am beautiful” when I felt like anything but? How could I convince myself that “I am strong” when I felt unbearably weak?

Last week, I made a point to try this. Lately with the social isolation, folks dying left and right, and frankly my mental illness, I’ve been a mess. So here they are, listed here for you as well as for me on my mirror!

I am alive.

This one is simple and factual. Nothing to do about it, I’m alive, breathing, and living even when I don’t want to.

I am capable.

I have gone through this before, and I’ll go through it again.

I am loved.

Whether or not I believe this, I know it’s true. My family, my friends, my girlfriend. If nothing else, my dog adores me.

I am safe.

I will continue to put myself in safe situations and surround myself with people who make me feel safe.

I am learning to love myself.

This is one of my favorites to remind myself, I am a work in progress and I am figuring myself out every single day.

I can take things one step at a time.

I can’t do it all. Believe me, I’ve tried. Step by step I will keep moving forward.

I am human.

Once again, factual. I am human, I am not infallible. I will make mistakes and continue to learn from them. I will fall down, but will keep getting back up.

I know how to manage my depression and anxiety.

It might feel like my life is out of control and my mental illnesses are at the wheel, but I have the tools to get past it. It might not be easy to pull from these right now, but I do know how to manage it.

I am doing my best.

That’s all I can do. And my best is good enough.

I am growing.

My struggles do not define me, and do not hold me back. I am growing stronger, I am growing in knowledge and experience, I am growing up.

And that’s it. It has been a positive way to begin and end my days for the past week.

What are some affirmations you use to keep yourself going when the going gets tough?

Let me know if these gentle affirmations inspire you to simplify the words you use to encourage yourself when you’re struggling!

Be well.


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